Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maui...Flower Strings...

...this is really incredible, the flower strings they make here in Hawaii...
They're all made by hand, from real fresh flowers!

..the result of all those women with there needle and threads;
colorful flower strings!

After all that work the strings are ready to be sold...to keep
them as fresh and beatifull possible they keep them
in special plastic boxes.

All on top of each other, with name and price tags, in the fridge!!!
Isn't that fantastic! We loved it!

Plastic Fantastic!
..not everything is real in Hawaii..

..off course you can also find flower 
strings in the 'plastic' versions..

..you won't miss the plastic souvenir dolls with gitars...
they are everywhere!!

...in all sizes..!!

...and the 'classic'...palm tree gitar..?!

Gooood Fooood
..they even make as much as possible there own food...

the packaging was too funny!

Pronunciation: \hi-ˈler-ē-əs, hī-\

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